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The White House is looking for coders

Very interesting, though not surprising. Local govn’ts have started going this way as well. You need more than a community manager now.

The IRS put out a YouTube video detailing all their social channels and ways to connect with them ahead (or after) April 15th. The slow moving animated video shows their channels on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumbler as well as highlights about their podcasts on iTunes and mobile app. 

Here are 4 things I would do differently:

  • A single voice: You want to build a community. Trying to have multiple social media communities within an organization just doesn’t work. This is the Internal Revenue Service. You want people to come to your social media page and connect with you. There is no reason to have more than one page. Condense your four Facebook pages into one and utilize your website, FB tabs and apps to detail additional information (i.e. recruitment). (Exceptions to this rule: Different languages [even this can be managed within a single entity on Facebook] and for Twitter specifically, you could have one channel for news and one for one on one response - otherwise, there is no reason to have more than that.
  • YouTube Interaction: Within YouTube you can set “hot links” on the video itself. For every channel you show, embed a link so that way viewers can directly connect, right from the video. It doesn’t matter if the video is embedded or someone is watching it right on the main page. People will always see the call to action, right there. 
  • Video Exporting for YouTube: A lot of community managers make this problem. When you are exporting for YouTube, a lot of times your video will be shot in HD. In the case of this one, it is an exporting issue. Simplest thing to remember is to ensure your export settings are on “H.264” and you should basically be golden.
  • Commenting: Don’t turn off the one feature that brings interaction, engagement and sharing. Let users comment on your work and don’t be afraid of what they say. Just monitor for response and you’ll be fine! 

Check out the #Benghazi label on that @CSPAN lower third! 

Social Government at its finest. A conversation a la Mayor @corybooker #digitalpolitics #howitshouldbe

Social Government at its finest. A conversation a la Mayor @corybooker #digitalpolitics #howitshouldbe